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About Patti Britton, Britton Design.
Owner, creative director, designer

Patti Britton has always been a good problem solver, which is what graphic design is. And a good storyteller. A client has a product to sell, and the product has something to say… a story to be told. Patti's task is to uncover that story and communicate it as the design. The message needs to attract the attention of the consumer in a concise way from the eye to the heart. Strategic planning, design, illustration, and copywriting are all part of the process.


There are many products competing for attention, just waiting to jump into your cart. A good designer will make your product memorable, one that sells. With 30+ years of valued experience, Patti guides the client through a process to take their brand to creative heights. She creates innovative wine and food packaging, restaurant logos and collateral, and brand/image identity, along with cohesive collateral design. She has designed for both start up companies and large corporations locally and around the world. Patti has international experience with clients in Australia, Italy, Chile, and Mexico. She expresses the essence and spirit of each brand with the kind of look and feel that captures the imagination of consumers in a crowded marketplace.


    Patti Britton started her graphic design career working for design studios in San Francisco primarily Primo Angeli Design and Pate International, designing wine and food packaging along with collateral design. She started her own small studio, Britton Design, in San Francisco, at Sansome and Vallejo in 1990. After a few hundred dollars of parking tickets,  Patti moved to picturesque Sonoma and hasn’t regretted it since.

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